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Tiffany's journey with ministry began in 2009 when she preached her first sermon. In 2012 she experienced water and Spirit baptism. She then began to serve, preach, and write. By 2016 with two books and years of teaching and preaching, Tiffany's ministry took an unexpected turn when she started a YouTube channel which attracted over 45,000 subscribers and millions of views. Hundreds of water and Spirit baptisms, several services, more books, and 2 podcasts later Tiffany has created a living legacy of love and holiness. Her assignment continues with Destined Women Ministries.

Sister Tiffany is a podcast host, the author of over 5 published books, a counselor, and a globally known Bible teacher. She is the voice behind "Redeemed Radio", her debut podcast with over 100,000 downloads. She is also the host of "Destined Women Ministries-The Podcast". Tiffany's ministry emphasizes the godly attribute of holiness, while preaching the entire Gospel; presenting believers, newer and seasoned, with fresh manna to equip and mature them in every area of their lives. Tiffany's ministry specializes in teaching, prayer, prophecy, water and Spirit baptism, deliverance, and counseling. Tiffany is a health enthusiast who is certified in Plant Based Science and Nutrition through Cornell University's School for Nutrition, and she is educated through the nationally accredited school "H.C.I." as a Certified Health and Life coach. Sister Tiffany is currently a Psychology Major with a Minor in Biblical Counseling at the acclaimed Luther Rice College and Seminary in Lithonia, Georgia. Tiffany is a traditional gender role enthusiast who uses her knowledge of scripture and as a Certified Etiquette Consultant to teach women to be all the Lord has destined them to be in the home and in the Church. Tiffany resides in Raleigh, NC with her three cats. She loves boxing, strength training, and Ethiopian food. She is currently a vegan who eats a high raw diet, and loves sharing her testimony of losing over 100 lbs. to inspire people to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

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