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Updated: May 10

Welcome to my first blog post! I am so very excited to finally offer this feature on the website. I am genuinely honored that there are so many ways for you to be spiritually edified through this ministry. From the posts on the ministry's many social media platforms, the downloads on the ministry's website, the podcast, and now this blog, there is plenty of content for you to feed on.


Why Have I Created This Blog?

I created this blog to stay in touch with you. To converse with you more frequently. To have a place where I can indulge in one of my great loves, writing. I also want to use this space to replace the monthly newsletters. I created this blog to be a voice of the ministry's beliefs, and source of godly edification. I personally enjoy reading a good article. When that article is produced by an integral Christian, I enjoy it even more! I enjoy reading things which provoke me to thought and enrich my knowledge of scripture. I also love to read lifestyle, fashion, or food content that is rooted in scripture. I look forward to content that enriches my walk as a Christian woman who enjoys healthy eating, modest fashion, keeping her home, studying scripture, decorating, exploring nature, loving on animals, and just going through the daily peaks and valleys of life. This blog is here to use the Bible to answer some life's questions and provide godly inspiration for your everyday life.

What To Expect?

Expect looooooong articles. You know your sister can talk...a lot. So, it's only right that I write a lot too, lol. These blog posts will be like long conversations between us and Jesus. Expect me to use this blog to talk about the latest scriptures and topics the Lord wants me to share. I spend a healthy amount of time searching the scriptures for personal edification. I love now having a place to share insights from my personal Bible studies. Expect me to tell you about my latest favorite things and how Jesus inspires it all. I cannot say life has always been a cakewalk. However, I can say that Jesus is worth this ride which gets bumpy from time to time. So, expect me to share with you how the Lord has helped me to deal with it all.

Oh! Expect me to share some of the books I am reading or have read. I enjoy reading and I am usually reading something. Reading takes you into the mind and perspective of other saints and Christians. It gives you the opportunity to sit, ingest, reflect, and digest. Reading surely stimulates my mind and helps me to see and understand God in ways my mind hasn't known Him. By our siblings in Christ sharing God from their perspective I am introduced to God in a way I had yet to know Him.

Also, expect videos, maybe some recipes and whatever personal content I can create to express what I want to share. I am so grateful for this new thing and I hope this new thing becomes a blessing to you, your family, friends, or whoever you decide to share it with. God bless you!!!

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1 Kommentar

Meisie Nina Lediha
Meisie Nina Lediha
22. Jan.

Hi Sister Tiffany, I look forward to the long conversations🤗 I am also interested to hear about your vegan journey, like what inspired it and what challenges did you come across. I think I have been getting the same convictions but how would one know forsure it's GOD? I hope you'll be sharing recipes aswell🌺

Stay blessed 💞

Gefällt mir
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