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Grace has written free books for your edification. Check back, more will be added to the eBook section of the library regularly.


The Prayer Chronicles

Written by Prophetess Grace

Early in the year 2017, Grace released her third published work under the name Tiffany Simone. The book chronicles the prayers she prayed during the first four years of her salvation, and God's supernatural response to them. Grace's understanding of the Word of God has matured, and her life and ministry are totally different than it was during the release of this book. Still, to date, this is Grace's favorite book. It is very dear to her heart because of her love for the Lord and prayer. She is happy that she documented these experiences and will cherish them forever. Prayerfully, you are encouraged to pray and seek the Lord with new zeal and fervor after reading this book.

Prepare for the Antichrist

Written by Prophetess Grace

"Prepare for the Antichrist", is a book Prophetess Grace released early in the year 2020. This book is over 300 pages long and is one of her greatest accomplishments. This book was written at the direction of the Holy Spirit and became a book that upholds biblical truths necessary to know if we will stand through the perilous times ahead. The only way to prepare for the temptation that is coming upon the earth is through loving the Lord so much, that we adhere to His Word no matter the cost. We have to become lovers of the Truth, so we won't fall into the coming deception. May This book is usually used as a study guide by those who already have it. May this book be a blessing in your hands.

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The Weight of Trauma

Written by Prophetess Grace

One traumatic experience has the potential to change the course of our lives if it is not dealt with appropriately. When left unattended, trauma becomes a weight we carry through life. These weights affect our emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health. "The Weight of Trauma" unpacks the topic of trauma and reveals one of Satan's biggest tactics used to hinder our progress and advancement as Christians.

Manoah's Wife

Written by Prophetess Grace

Coming Soon!

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